Getting Started

Getting started planning your wedding is the hardest part! Take it one step at a time. The first step in wedding planning is to decide on a place for the ceremony or date that is significant. Once you have some direction, everything else will start to take shape. (Planning a destination wedding and need ideas for a ceremony venue or location, please contact us. We’re here to help!)

After you’ve determined a date and place, the time, number of people, and celebration venue after the ceremony can then be decided. What you will wear will also be shaped by the ceremony venue and season – so may your colors and other décor elements.

BUT, the most important thing – and try to remember this – is that this is the person you are excited to be planning your future with. If it’s the right person, ultimately nothing else will matter.

Our Say “I Do” on the SunCoast team is focused on your wedding ceremony and everything that will make it unforgettable. To that end, here are some ceremony-specific tips.

Whether formal or casual, big or small, indoors, in a park, a resort or on the beach, we will help you with the ceremony details and guide you every step of the way. We’ll know what time of day is best depending on sunset or whether you are taking photos outdoors. Or what to do if it rains. Or if you should plan on a DIY walk-through or a rehearsal. If this is a destination or intimate wedding, we offer wedding packages for live music, flowers, hair and makeup, professional photography.

Your Ceremony

Your ceremony is the official start of your marriage! As the beginning of your wedding celebration it sets the tone for your wedding day. It should reflect who you are individually and as a couple and what you value and believe in. We will help you tell your story and artfully express your commitment to each another.

Questions to ask yourself and each other

• Are you a practical couple? Dreamers or hopeless romantics? Traditional or modern in your preferences?

• Are you deeply spiritual or simply focused on celebrated the bond between you? Is honoring your faith and family heritage important?

• Do you want to include family or friends or is this a blended marriage? What songs or readings might give the ceremony meaning? Do you want to bring in a tradition that celebrates something you have in common – such as wine or nature?

• Do you want to repeat time-honored vows or step out and write your own?

Welcome to Say “I Do” Ceremonies on the SunCoast!

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