What We Do

Our team is comprised of one non-denominational minister and two notary publics – one Spanish-speaking. We are at the ready to help you plan and officiate your wedding ceremony!

The ceremony usually includes: A welcome with gratitude for those who are in attendance, your consent to be married, your wedding vows, a ring exchange, some good words for the future aka benediction or blessing and a pronouncement.

For larger or more complex weddings optional elements like readings, remembrances, unity traditions, etc. can help honor or involve parents, children and other special people in your lives.


We offer:

Simple & Intimate Ceremonies or Renewal of Vows

Choose from a spiritual ceremony or one that focuses solely on the bond between you. Our heartfelt ceremonies always include an inspirational reading, ring exchange, and traditional or contemporary wedding vows. This ceremony is typically 12-15 minutes in length. For all locations in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice or St. Pete

Make It Uniquely Your Own – Custom Written Ceremonies

We provide a consultation in person, via video chat, or through email to discuss ceremony options, your wedding party, your vows and optional elements, such as unity or creative traditions. We focus on weaving in your love story; who you are what you hope to experience as a married couple. We coordinate the flow of the ceremony and wedding party and make sure nothing is left to chance. This ceremony is typically 15 to 22 minutes in length. For all locations in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice or St. Pete

Affordable Wedding Ceremony Packages

Our Beach Wedding Destination or Elopement Packages can save you time, money and top-notch professionals to make your day fun, meaningful and memorable.

We have availability 7-days a week with back up in an emergency and offer Online Booking

Say “I Do” Tip

Look back at the weddings you’ve attended. What do you remember? Generally, it’s not the centerpieces, the flowers, or even the dress (ok — maybe you remember the dress). Chances are, you remember the emotion. The groom taking in the sight of his bride walking out, the maid of honor who crying during her reading or that bride who couldn’t stop grinning as she said her vows. It’s about two people, who want to spend their lives together making huge promises — surrounded by people who love and care about them. Contact us with questions or book now.

Great Ways to Signify Unity & Involve Friends and Family

Handfasting This century-old, tradition (most commonly used by the Irish, Scottish, and Vikings), honors a couple’s desire for commitment to each other, and to acknowledge that their lives and their destinies are now bound together.

Unity Sand – ceremonies are a favorite here in Florida and a great way to celebrate blended families or to involve children in the wedding.

Rose Ceremony– You have just gifted each other your wedding ring as “bride and groom.” Now, you will present your first gift to each other as “husband and wife.” The rose may be substituted for a different flower or a gift to each other.

Hands of the Couple – A beautiful way to involve the Best Man and Maid of Honor (though optional). Each partner beholds the hands of the other and gives thanks for the gifts that this marriage will be to one another.

Wine Ceremony – The bride and groom drink from a single glass of wine (or spirit of choice). This symbolizes drinking from the cup of life and sharing all of its experiences together, both bitter and sweet.

Love Letter and Wine Box Ceremony – Bride and groom will each write and seal a letter expressing what they love most about each other and why they fell in love. Other keepsakes can also be included: photos, flower petals from the actual ceremony, etc. The box is to be opened on a milestone anniversary, or earlier, if they feel their marriage has reached a hardship and they need to reflect upon the reasons they fell in love and chose to marry each other.

Tree of Life Love Lock Tradition

The tree of life lovelock tradition symbolizes strength and unity. Parents or special people in the couple’s life lock onto the foundation of the tree.  This is followed by each partner in the marriage locking upon the branches that reach to the sky.

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