Friend or Family Member Officiating Your Wedding?

I’m Stacy Prouty, a wedding officiant with Say “I Do” On the SunCoast and non-denominational minister. When I began officiating weddings 16 years ago, I was surprised by some of the things that can happen, mistakes that are inevitably corrected through experience and some really cringeworthy moments I wish I could forget (but I’ll tell you if you ask). Yikes!

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Consider Eloping – Simple and Sublime!

Consider Eloping – Simple and Sublime!  And right now, it may be your safest bet. The safest way to get married as we navigate living with the coronavirus pandemic is by keeping your guest count low, or have no guests at all. Contracting the virus increases in large gatherings, so choosing to elope alone or with…

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Wedding On Hold Due to COVID-19 Crisis?

We’ve all been asked to put our lives on hold during this health/economic crisis, but wedding couples have had the added stress of putting their plans for a future together on hold as well.  Our hearts go out to you and we hope you’ll take the opportunity to grow your ability to flex as a…

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Don’t Forget the Marriage License!

What You Need To Say “I Do” in Florida For couples dreaming of a romantic outdoor wedding, Florida beckons, especially the Gulf Coast or SunCoast with its spectacular sunsets. Destination beach and resort weddings are popular for people from all over because of the year-round warm weather and sunny skies. Florida just may be the…

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10 Ways to Break Up With Wedding Tradition

Also see Spicing up your Wedding Ceremony Looking for fun ceremony ideas for your wedding ?  Don’t wan’t people to glaze over or even skip your ceremony all together?  Just because your great aunt says that’s just the way it’s done doesn’t mean YOUR wedding ceremony has to follow “the rules.” While there are a…

the what and why of wedding rings

The Tradition of Wedding Rings

The Hows and Whys of Engagement and Wedding Rings Rings given before marriage (i.e., engagement rings) and during the wedding ceremony are common in many cultures.  These symbols demonstrate a person’s intent and commitment (and belonging) to another. Rings have a long history as they relate to love or marriage. In fact, hieroglyphics show Egyptian…